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Preparing for Drama college auditions? 

This workshop is for you! 

We will cover: 

  • Video submissions - how best to prepare 

  • Selecting the right song or monologue to showcase YOU! 

  • Character analysis and different ways to approach text/song lyrics

  • How to stand out in front of the audition panel and what they will be looking for 

  • What to do at callbacks 

This workshop is delivered in a safe, fun and supportive environment. 

What to bring: 

A monologue or song that you would like to work on


Previous successful applicants are now studying at their DREAM colleges: 




Central School of Speech and Drama 

To book click here. 

Suitable for ages 16 +



Gabs is a mentor and coach that is hard to come by. She is always the first person to support you and encourage you to make bold choices, that always pay off in the long run. I went to Gabs for my university auditions. I got into Acting first year out of school which is practically unheard of and I owe it all to Gabs. She helps, while guides, and any advice she gives you is so relevant in not only your audition but in the industry. Gabriella taught me how to explore monologues in all different ways, and read not only the words, but in between the lines. She went in depth about how each sentence/phrase could be interpreted, and was open and receptive when I shared my own ideas and thoughts about the numerous pieces she helped me with. There is no one that I would recommend more than Gabs. She is overqualified. The best part about her is her love for all things performance. She radiates such a warm and happy bubble where you feel comfortable, whether that is in 1 session or 10. Her love for perfoming makes you want to work hard, and be your best self (which Gabs easily brings out of you). She helped me get into a school I thought I could only ever dream of attending. I was one of 12 out of thousands upon thousands who auditioned. That is a reflection of her patience, energy, and enthusiasm, that she brings to every session. Gabriella Flowers is the best Coach and Mentor I could have, and if you have read this far, I know for a fact that you will want to work with her. Who wouldn’t? 

Olivia Chapman, QUT Acting Course 2023 

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