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Auditioning for a musical or play? Applying for a performing arts college? 

"Preparation is the key to success." 

A well prepared audition gives you the tools and confidence to step into that casting room and give the best possible performance. The sessions are all about creating a supportive and positive environment for you to hone these skills!

My mission is to guide you in your preparation, so that you can walk into that room thinking "I can do this!" 

One-on-one private audition prep classes run for 45-90 mins. The sessions are catered specifically to YOUR needs. Sessions cover:

* Learning how to select, prepare and perform material (songs/monologues) specifically suited for your audition *

* Working in detail on character choices and exploring different ways to access a character's emotions *

* Exercises to aid cold reads *

* Ways to combat those pre-audition nerves *

* Reviewing your current repertoire folder *

* Consultation on how to present your CV and headshot *

* Discover your USP (Unique Selling Point) *

* Consultation on current casting opportunities you would be suitable for and how to apply * 

* How to approach and analyse audition material in a pro-active manner *


​"I have been around the acting and music world for many years and was blessed to have found Gabriella when I wanted to play the dream role of Amos Hart in Chicago. Gabriella was inspiring, encouraging and laser focused on the job at hand. An insight she gives is like no other. She made the audition process so so much easier than ever before. If you are considering a coach for any upcoming auditions or ongoing stage work then make sure you speak the brilliant Gabs. Needless to say I got the part and owe it all to her. Even if I didn’t get cast I know I had the best chance I would ever have. Thanks Gabriella."

Rod Jones, CHICAGO

"Gabriella Flowers brings a litany of tools and knowledge from her own career and generously dispenses this to fledgling actors like myself. She offers personalised, insightful and specific yet gentle direction to ease an actor towards their ‘aha!’ moments in character development. Her tutelage significantly aided my skill development, which culminated in an acceptance to study at WAAPA."

Raechyl French, WAAPA Graduate

"The time I spent working both scripts and music with Gabriella was nothing short of revelatory, allowing me the opportunity to approach my performance with confidence. If you're looking for the chance to cross-train any of your performance disciplines, I can heartily recommend working with Gabriella if you have the chance."

Kyle Fenwick,  CHICAGO

“For audition prep I always go to Gabriella, without fail. She boosts my confidence like nothing else, and the way that she helps me to really look at a character is always new and exciting and HELPFUL. She can help you find repertoire for that audition that you need a song-kind of-like-the-character-but-different and it’s always SUCH a good match. If you want to unleash your best performance, go to Gabriella Flowers”


"I have never felt as prepared for an audition before. I had a true sense of character for my monologues and songs which gave me so much more confidence and trust in the choices I had made. Gabriella's open and confident nature, along with her brilliant directing and teaching skills, helped me to break down any barriers that usually stop me from giving it my all in the audition."

Natalie Lennox, CHICAGO

So let's get you prepared, confident and ready for success! 


Please contact me using the box below for more information. 

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